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I love wearing lingerie and love to show off my sexy legs in lace stockings. My favorite is to wear a teddy and some matching stockings. My butt looks so good in a teddy. I post pics all the time at http://mwpclub.com its a huge crossdressing site with tons of pics, you will be amazed at the number of pics. I have my own galleries there and love meeting other crossdressers there. If you are into crossdressing you have to check out the site. I never knew there were so many others into crossdressing before I found that site. Its been so nice to chat with and I have actually met people from the site also in person. Again the site is http://mwpclub.com hope to chat with you there sometime.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I started wearing panties at age six by mistake when my mom left a clean pair of discarded briefs on top of my clean laundry. I tried them on that night and have been hooked ever since. I started wearing everything else, including lingerie, bras, pantyhose, stockings, garter belts, skirts, wigs, dresses, slips, etc. I started with all of that at age eight. I have been a fairly hardcore crossdresser ever since. My wife would lay out an outfit on my days off, and I would dress in it and go to a fairly distant mall to shop for the day, dressed in my feminine outfit. Only problem was, if I needed to use the bathrooms, I couldn't use the men's room because of the way I was dressed, and I couldn't use the ladies’ room because I am far from passable. There was great sex later, though.
Since I can remember, I've always been attracted and aroused by women in lingerie. I love to watch them, even in magazines. I thought that I was attracted to the women and kept fantasizing about them. So, time passed by, and everything continued the same until I started to pay more attention to the underwear instead of the women. I started to ask myself, "What is the big deal with women and their underwear? What makes it so special? Does it make them feel better? Sexier? Or what?" I wanted to know how would it feel to wear some of those highly- publicized lingerie sets. Some time passed until I went to sleep over with a friend of mine. He had a very sexy older sister which I can't deny I used to fantasize about. When it was time to go to sleep, I couldn't stop thinking about which kind of panties she used. Luckily for me, she didn't sleep that night at the house. So, I got up some courage and sneaked into her bedroom. Of course, I had to be very careful not to wake anyone at the house or I'd be in a lot of trouble. So, with the help of a lighter, I started to spy on her drawers trying to find her underwear. It took me about ten minutes of heart-pounding searching until finally I found them. I wasn't able to see very well, so I grabbed two or three panties of what seemed to be the sexiest panties in the drawer. After I grabbed them, I closed the drawer quickly and returned to sleep. I slept hiding the panties so that no one could find them. The next morning, I was so eager to try them on, but I couldn't find time for myself. So, I had to wait until I went to my home. When I get home, the first thing I did was rush to my bedroom and lay the panties on my bed deciding on which I should try first. I remember one of them was red and the other two were white. The red one was made out of a smooth, silky material, and the other two were white ones. The three of them where full back panties, so I made up my mind and picked the red ones. I dropped my pants as quickly as I could and tried on the smooth red ones. Once they were in place, my heart started pounding rapidly. The way they felt was so right. I loved the tight feeling of the smooth panties in my crotch and in my butt. I quickly took those off to try on the other ones. As I wore the other ones, I started to get a hard-on. So, I thought, "What if I wore them for the rest of the day?" So, I did, and all day long I was excited and thinking on what panties the women I saw were wearing. As of today, I still wear normal panties, and I've found out how good thongs feel. On other days, I also wear some bras. Now I know why women like lingerie so much. They make me feel so sexy and, besides, I love how tight they feel. For all of those reading this, I would recommend to try some.

I Enjoy Crossdressing

I have crossdressed for years in private. I’m not actually passable, but I’ve always enjoyed being totally shaved. Panties, thigh-highs, and short dresses turn me on. We have an adult theater that has three theaters. I got the nerve to crossdress and go there. I went to the gay theater and sat down about half way. Sitting there in a mini-dress, stocking, and heels, I felt a little uneasy. One middle-aged guy came down to see what I was doing. He was well dressed and did have a ring on his left hand. I couldn't cover myself, so what the hell? He stood there and looked at me as I was dressed. He dropped his pants. He stood in front of me and guided my head to him. I’m not sure what came over me, but I opened my mouth and began. I gave my first oral sex to completion. I go back once a week and have sex with men while dressed. I have many more pictures of me crossdressing, click on my picture.
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Smooth Crossdresser

I love to crossdress and, in order to feel really like a hot girl, I shave all the hair off my body. At first, it took a long time to get used to it, but now I do it everyday while I shower. To make it not a problem, get a good razor, a three to five blade, and just do it everyday. It feels so good, and I love the hairless look while wearing my panties and other fem clothes. It is really great to get oral from a guy while I am shaved. It makes my tool look bigger, and it feels so, so good. Masturbating another guy is also really hot. I have lots more pictures of my hot smooth body in sexy lingerie just click on my picture for my gallery.

Halloween Crossdressing

I and my wife of four years decided to have a Halloween costume party. My wife, who has always wanted me to crossdress, brought my costume home. Thinking that before this party I was straight, my costume was a French maid outfit with panties, bra, garter belt, and silk stockings. The party started out normal with drinking and laughing. My wife’s coworker, after a couple of drinks, kept running his hand up my skirt into my panties. At first, I tried to resist, but soon my sexual excitement was obvious to my wife and him. My wife told me to relax and give in. I gave in and, before I knew it, I had a man giving me oral. We made out for awhile, but my wife wanted to see more. My first crossdressing adventure wound up going all the way. My wife loves watching two guys together, especially when I pleasure another guy dressed like a woman. We go out to clubs regular. I love it when a guy wants to get into my panties.